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Paid services

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Your account

Your account is used to pay for services. Money is stored without time limits..
Once you refill your account for any amount, you can spend money on services as you like, anytime.
To top up the account, go to
cabinet and click the link 'add funds' in the top right corner.
Attention! In the case of payment for services related to the ad violating the law, and receiving a complaint about such an ad from the competent authorities with its subsequent removal - the money is returned only to the user’s account on the website. There is no refund to the payer!

Top ad

Top ad - a service that allows you to place your ad for a selected period of time (week, two weeks, month) above regular ads. For example, you bought the service 'top ad' for your ad 'sell honda accord'. Your ad will be first* in:

  • ads list in categories:
    • Honda (in the category where your ad posted)
    • cars (parent category for the "Honda" category)
    • transport (parent category for the "cars" categoty)
  • live search results, when searching for the words "Honda", "Accord", etc.
  • classic search results, when searching for the words "Honda", "Accord", etc.

Service cost:

  • one week - 30 rand
  • two weeks - 55 rand
  • month (30 days) - 100 rand

To place an ad in TOP go to cabinet, select an ad and the term of placement in TOP.

(*) If another user orders the service "top ad" in the same category later than you, his ad will be higher. However, if you bought "top ad" for a longer period than your competitor, your ad will be higher in the list.

All cities

After activating this service, your ad will be displayed in any city, regardless of which city the user has selected. The service will significantly increase the number of views of your ad. Choose this service if you are ready to send goods by mail or your service can be provided remotely.
Service cost: 30 rand / month (30 days)

Ad update

When you update an ad, the posting date of the ad changes to the current one and your ad rises in the list to first place. Next, as new ads arrive, your ad will "slide" down in the list..
If more than 7 days have passed since the moment of placing or the last update of the ad, you can update the ad for free, otherwise use the paid update service. To do this, go to
kabinet, select an ad and click "Update" button.
Service cost: 10 rand.

Ad Highlight

To highlight an ad with color in the list, use the service "highlight ad". See what it looks like.
To highlight an ad, go to cabinet, select an ad and click the "Highlight" button.
Service cost: 25 rand / month (30 days).

Publish without verification

After submitting an ad to the site it awaits moderation and not shown on the site.
We carefully monitor the content of the site and be sure to check each ad.
Depending on the moderators load, your ad may be checked for 1-2 days. If you do not want to wait, you can use the service "publish without verification".
After payment for the service, your ad will be published on the site instantly - however, it will be checked by the moderator later. In case of violation of the rules, the ad will be deleted.
To skip ad check, go to
cabinet, select an ad and click "Publish without verification" button.
Service cost: 20 rand.

Have a question?

Contact us, We will answer all questions.